Applying for a disabled person's bus pass

8. Learning disability (Category F)

Applications can be considered if you have a learning disability. This must include an intellectual disability.

The Transport Act 2000 defines a learning disability as:

  • A state of arrested or incomplete development of mind
  • which includes a significant impairment of:
    • intelligence
    • and social functioning.

You will be eligible if you have both:

  • a significant impairment of intelligence (for example an IQ of less than 70)


  • a significant impairment of social functioning.

You may not be eligible under this category:

  • If you hold a driving licence.
  • If you don’t have a learning disability as defined, but you cannot drive due to your specific needs. In this case please consider an application under Category G instead.

Please download our guidance document when applying

Learning disability guidance document (Category F)

How do I apply?

Prove you are eligible and apply

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