Renewing a disabled persons bus pass

Bus passes are issued for anything up to 5 years, although it can be less in some cases where proof is temporary. It will depend on your disability and the proof provided at the time of application.

  • If your disability is temporary, or likely to change over time, you will need to reapply. We will normally contact you one month before your current pass expires and ask to provide proof of your disability.
  • If your disability has been assessed by us as long term, or unlikely to change over time, we will renew automatically in as many cases as possible. We may still contact you at renewal if we need additional proof.

You must also tell us about a change in address or your renewal letter or bus pass may be sent to the wrong address.

I have not had an automatic renewal or been sent a renewal letter what do I do?

You will need to renew manually which you can do online:

Please note online renewals can only be made 8 weeks before your bus pass expires and up to 2.5 years after expiry.

How to contact us if you cannot apply online

If you cannot apply online for any reason please contact us.

If you do email us please confirm your date of birth and current address in the email so we can fully check our records.

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