Renewing an older persons bus pass

These pages are for East Sussex bus pass holders. It tells you about:

  • how we renew concessionary bus passes
  • what to do if your pass is damaged, lost or stolen

Bus passes are issued for up to five years. If you have scanned your pass in the 12 months before renewal we will send you a new one automatically, this will arrive a few weeks before your current pass expires.

  • If your pass has not been scanned locally in the 12 months before renewal it will not be automatically renewed.
  • If you have moved and not notified us it may not have been renewed or may have been sent to the wrong address. See tell us about a change.

I have not had an automatic renewal what do I do?

You will need to renew manually which you can do online:

Please note online renewals can only be made 8 weeks before renewal and up to 2.5 years after expiry.

If you cannot apply online for any reason please contact us.

If you email us please confirm your date of birth and current address in the email so we can fully check our records.

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