Applying for a disabled person's bus pass


Companion bus pass addition

The companion bus pass is an addition to your disabled person's bus pass and has a the added C+ in the top right corner.  This pass allows someone to travel with you free of charge.

For full details on the use of this pass see Using a companion pass.

How to apply for a companion C+ bus pass

You will need to be eligible for a disabled person's bus pass to apply for the companion C+ to be added to your bus pass. 

Accepted proof for a companion bus pass is listed below, this may also be proof you will be providing for your disability:

  • Proof that you are registered, or entitled to be registered, as blind or severely sight impaired
  • A DLA showing middle or higher rate care

  • A PIP award with:
    • 12 points for the "Moving around activity"
    • 10 points or more for the “Planning and following a journey” activity
    • Higher point scores for daily living activities such as
      • “Communicating verbally”
      • “Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words”
      • “Engaging with other people face to face”
  • A higher rate Attendance Allowance
  • A specialist’s opinion from someone independent who understands your medical condition. The proof must indicate why you need a companion on transport for example:
    • Physical Assistance on to or off the bus
    • 24/7 attendance due to your condition
    • Assistance in planning or managing the journey
    • Assistance in identifying the correct bus

We do not normally issue a companion bus pass automatically when applying for your disabled person's bus pass. To request one:

  • There is a tick box on our paper application forms to indicate you are applying for one.
  • If you are applying online and your evidence doesn't state you need a companion please attach a separate letter or evidence form that requests one. You can also email Concessionary Travel to request one after you have applied.
  • All our evidence forms do allow a professional to confirm the need for a companion.