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Emergency planning
How we plan for emergencies, and also advice dealing with flooding and keeping cool in a heatwave.
Information about contacting your local housing office, finding a home, advice if you are homeless and housing benefit.
Local information
East Sussex town and village greens, common land and Rights of Way as well as facts and figures about our county.
Helping your community
East Sussex Strategic Partnership (ESSP), apply to run council services, volunteering and Good Neighbour Schemes.
Gypsies' and Travellers' sites, advice for teenagers, young people and the over 50s. Details of Project ADDER.
Safe in East Sussex
The East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership works to reduce and prevent crime, such as domestic abuse and also anti-social behaviour.
Get advice from the welfare benefits helpline, apply for help with food and utilities, and find out about benefits you may be entitled to.
Community safety
Advice from Safe in East Sussex, a partner organisation to help reduce crime, anti-social behaviour, offending and substance misuse.