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Education and learning

Going to school
Information about applying for school places, school transport, attendance and behaviour, appeals and minority pupils.
School meals
Find out about the school meal policy. Find out about the eligibility for free school meals.
School closures
Information on school closures and emergency school closures. This page is updated every five minutes
School travel and transport
Information about free school transport, new and replacement bus passes, September travel, policies, discounts and SEND
School staff and governors
Information on teaching in East Sussex, teaching assistants, return to teaching and also school governors and becoming a governor.
East Sussex Music
Information concerning East Sussex Music and services provided, including children's music lessons and studying music at sixth form college.
School management
Find out about education plans, the academy conversions guidance and also the education budget statement.
Childcare and early years
Information concerning support for families with young children, including help with childcare costs.
Options after school
Information about teenagers and young people, their employment and training and also post-16 options.