Does not have arms or has long term loss of the use of both arms (Category E)


The bus pass allows free off-peak travel on local buses throughout England for applicants with an eligible disability.

You will be eligible if

  • you have both arms but are unable to use them to carry out day to day tasks.
  • you have a limb reduction deficiency of both arms.
  • you have a bilateral upper limb amputation.
  • you have a medical condition (muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, motor neurone disease or condition of comparable severity) which affects the use of your arms.

Proving you are eligible

  • Medical documents or statements which demonstrate that you have lost the use of your arms over the long term (12 months or more). These may include letters from your physiotherapist, consultant or GP which you may already have in your possession.

Any document provided as evidence should describe your disability so that it is possible to see whether any of criteria above apply to you. It should also say whether your disability is permanent or temporary and, if temporary, it should state the expected duration.

Full guidance and evidence form

Does not have arms or has long term loss of the use of both arms guidance and evidence form (Category E) [202.1 KB] [pdf]