Profoundly or severely deaf (Category B)

The bus pass allows free off-peak travel on local buses throughout England for applicants with an eligible disability.

Qualifying as profoundly or severely deaf

Guidance from the Department for Transport states that hearing loss is measured in decibels across the normal hearing spectrum, as dB HL (Hearing Level). Hearing loss is usually graded as follows:

  •  25-39 dB HL: mild, cannot hear whispers.
  • 40-69 dB HL: moderate, cannot hear conversational speech.
  • 70-94 dB HL: severe, cannot hear shouting.
  • More than 95 dB HL: profound, cannot hear sounds that would be painful for a hearing person to listen to.

You will be eligible if

  • your hearing loss is severe or profound, i.e. greater than 70 dB HL, in both ears

You will not be eligible

  • your hearing loss is mild or moderate, i.e. 69 dB HL or less, in your better ear

Proving that you are eligible

You can do this by providing one of the following:

  • Letter/form from audiologist or audiological report/audiogram which demonstrates that you have hearing loss of more than 70 dB HL in both ears.

Many high street opticians can offer a hearing test.

If you cannot provide the above you may ask another medical professional, special education professional or social care professional who knows you to complete an evidence form.

If you use the NHS please note they are not obliged to provide this service and you may be charged for their time. We do not deal directly with any NHS staff and we cannot contact them on your behalf.

Full guidance and evidence form

Profoundly or severely deaf guidance and evidence form (Category B) [203.0 KB] [pdf]