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Working here, pay and benefits

Senior management structure

The corporate management team including the Chief Executive and Directors lead each department in planning and delivering services across the County Council.

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Chief Executive: Becky Shaw

Adult Social Care and Health

Director of Adult Social Care and Health - Mark Stainton

  • Public Health: Director of Public Health - Darrell Gale
  • Planning Performance & Engagement: Interim Assistant Director, Planning Performance & Engagement - Paul Hussey
  • Operations: Assistant Director, Operations - Leigh Prudente
  • Strategy, Commissioning & Supply Management: Assistant Director, Strategy & Commissioning - Samantha Williams

Children's Services

Director of Children’s Services - Alison Jeffery

  • Communication, Planning & Performance: Assistant Director, Communication, Planning & Performance - Louise Carter
  • Early Help and Social Care: Assistant Director, Early Help and Social Care - Kathy Marriott
  • Education and ISEND: Assistant Director, Education - Elizabeth Funge

Business Services

Chief Operating Officer - Ros Parker

  • Finance: Chief Finance Officer - Ian Gutsell
  • Human Resources & Organisational Development: Assistant Director - Sarah Mainwaring
  • Property: Assistant Director - Nigel Brown
  • Procurement: Director of Procurement - Darron Cox (Employed by Surrey County Council)
  • IT&D: Chief Digital Information Officer - Matthew Scott

Communities, Economy and Transport

Director of Communities, Economy and Transport - Rupert Clubb

  • Community Services: Assistant Director, Community Services - Nick Skelton
  • Economy Division: Assistant Director, Economy - James Harris
  • Operations and Contract Management Division: Assistant Director, Transport & Operations - Karl Taylor

Governance Services

Chief Officer - Philip Baker

  • Legal & Coroner Services: Legal & Coroner Services Manager
  • Communications Team: Head of Communications
  • Policy & Member Services: Head of Policy Member Services Manager
  • Performance, Research & Intelligence: Head of Performance, Research & Intelligence

Senior Officer's Pay