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Working here, pay and benefits

- We Choose East Sussex

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We think East Sussex County Council is a great place to work. One of the most important things about working here is the knowledge that you’re working to help others and the real sense of achievement and purpose that brings.

While almost every role at the Council is different, there are some core principles we all work to in terms of both what we do and how we do it. These are summarised in what we call the ‘East Sussex Way’:

  • We are customer driven and work with our customers to find the best solutions
  • We have clear objectives and deliver great service
  • We take responsibility and do what we say we will
  • We work together as one council
  • We innovate and find better ways of doing things

We think it’s important to trust and empower our staff to use their judgement and we try not to put bureaucracy in their way.

A forward-thinking approach to new technologies

We embrace new technology and try to harness its capabilities to improve how we deliver services:

  • we use Viva Engage across all of our corporate departments to enable staff to communicate and share information
  • we use Microsoft Teams so we can keep in touch by instant messaging, video conference and desktop sharing
  • our senior managers host web chats where staff can ask them whatever they want
  • check us out on social media.

Join an agile organisation

Where possible we encourage our staff to work in an agile way. This can mean working at one of our sites with your team, or at home when needed, but always retaining a strong team identity. We will provide you with the technology and equipment, to do your job efficiently from wherever you are. For instance, you can take part in meetings with colleagues at the other end of the county via MS Teams' voice and video, and share your screen and work on documents together.

A culture of learning and development

We support a diverse range of learning and development opportunities for our workforce. We also promote a coaching culture to encourage and embed learning at work because we recognise that some of the most impactful learning happens on the job and by reflecting on it with others.

Find out more about some of the learning experiences we offer by visiting our learning portal.

- Learn about East Sussex County Council's main career pathways

Watch on YouTube: "Learn about East Sussex County Council's main career pathways"

Planning for the future

Our People Strategy has been developed to help achieve the people changes needed over the next 3 to 5 years.

East Sussex County Council People Strategy

Salary scales for employees

The County Council employs people on a range of different terms and conditions, the salaries for which can be found in the scales below:

East Sussex Single Status - for staff up to management level

Local Managerial Grades

East Sussex Chief Officers

Soulbury Officers

Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Youth and Community Workers



Claiming Allowances and Enhancements [97.7 KB] [docx]

Related documents

Pay Policy Statement [92.4 KB] [docx] explains the pay and conditions of service for our different staff groups.

Fair Pay Disclosure (Pay Multiple) [15.1 KB] [docx]shows the ratio between the median average earnings across the organisation and the highest paid employee.

Pay and reward strategy [98.1 KB] [docx]sets out the key approaches to pay and reward for our employees

Our gender pay reports sets out our gender pay position in line with the Equality Act 2010 reporting requirements;

Gender pay gap report 2023/24 [202.0 KB] [doc]

Gender pay gap report 2022/23 [134.1 KB] [docx]

Gender pay gap report 2021/22 [135.9 KB] [docx]

Councillors and senior officers

Senior officer structure

Pay and responsibilities of senior officers [5.2 KB] [csv]

Allowances paid to councillors

Trade Union facilities time

Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, we have a statutory requirement to publish information about trade unions’ facilities time and cost.

Trade union facility time under the Transparency Code [32.2 KB] [docx]

In addition, we are required to publish similar data under The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017.

Trade union facility time under the Regulations [34.0 KB] [docx]

The County Council recognises the benefits of supporting its staff to work flexibly and has a diverse range of mechanisms to allow service delivery and personal commitments to be balanced:

  • most of our positions have a full-time working week of 37 hours
  • flexi-time allowing variable start, finish and lunch times and occasional days or half-days off
  • flexible working patterns such as nine-day fortnights, annualised hours, term-time working or job-sharing
  • technology which allows people to work from a range of Council offices or from home, reducing travel time and costs
  • career breaks, allowing an extended period of unpaid absence to pursue other interests.

Whether these things apply to any given role will largely be determined by the requirements of the role and its wider team but most can be requested by an employee if it’s something they are interested in.

We offer a generous annual leave entitlement starting at 25 days per year, increasing based on length of service and grade. Employees can also get paid leave for public duties like being a magistrate or military reserve service.

We also offer excellent sick pay entitlements should you fall ill and we have a comprehensive range of maternity, paternity and adoption entitlements for parents.

Annual Leave policy [127.5 KB] [docx]

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption pack [195.5 KB] [docx]

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption pack (Teaching Staff) [195.3 KB] [docx]

Sickness Absence and Pay policy [91.9 KB] [docx]

We offer staff benefits to our employees

As a County Council employee, there is a diverse range of benefits to help and support you during your employment. Please note that most of these benefits are available to all employees but some have specific eligibility criteria.

- Benefits of working for East Sussex County Council

Watch on YouTube: "Benefits of working for East Sussex County Council"

Discounts and offers for everyday expenses

Our staff benefits site includes a wide range of offers and discounts to help you make everyday savings on:

  • Shopping and groceries, including discounts with Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose and Asda
  • Department stores like Argos and Amazon
  • Cinema tickets at major chains including Odeon and Cineworld
  • Days out and attractions like Thorpe Park, Chessington, Sealife Centres and Alton Towers
  • Gym memberships
  • Dining and eating out
  • Finance and utilities


We offer a range of ways to help staff travel to and from work:

  • interest-free loans for season tickets, bicycles, rental deposits and driving lessons, plus competitive loans for vehicles
  • a cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme (as well as secure bike sheds and showers at some locations)
  • car and motorbike leasing
  • car share scheme
  • discounts on bus and train tickets via Easit


As ESCC is a corporate customer, employees can access exclusive discounts from Dell, Microsoft and O2. Typical savings include:

  • Up to 25% off of airtime plans with 02 open
  • Save 30% on Microsoft Office and 10% on surface devices with Microsoft Home Use Programme
  • Up to 20% off of computers and accessories with Dell Employee Advantage

Pension scheme

Most of our employees choose to be members of the Local Government Pension Scheme which offers an excellent range of benefits, including a career average pension when you retire. You can find out more on the East Sussex Pension Fund website

We also offer a tax-efficient Additional Voluntary Contribution scheme, allowing you to pay more into your pension if you choose.

Some of our jobs may offer eligibility to alternative schemes; details will be available to applicants.

Supporting work-life balance

Minimum annual leave entitlement of 25-29 days for employees on our Single Status pay scale, and 26 -31 days for those on our LMG pay scale, pro-rata and dependent on grade and length of service, plus public holidays.

We also provide enhanced maternity pay, an additional leave purchase scheme, and a range of support for flexible and hybrid working.

A commitment to professional development

All roles include comprehensive training and induction, and as an organisation we our committed to ongoing professional development of all employees. Many roles include the opportunity to gain a professional qualification via an Apprenticeship. We also run a coaching and mentoring programme, and programmes to develop future leaders and managers.

If your role requires registration with a professional body, we will reimburse the cost.

Employee Assistance Programme

Via our external partner, employees can gain access to free and confidential counselling as well as legal and financial advice to help them in times of need.

We also offer a range of resources and initiatives to help  support employee wellbeing. These include a Mental Health First Aid programme, and targeted guidance on topics including mid-life, menopause, parenthood, nutrition and men’s health.

Healthcare providers

Our employees are eligible to join healthcare provider schemes such as HSF Health Fund and Simplyhealth.

Financial wellbeing

Employees are eligible to join the Wave Community Bank credit union, a not-for profit co-operative offering savings and loans via salary deduction. We also have access to financial education, savings and loans from Salary Finance.

Give As You Earn

Employees can donate pre-tax from their salary to support charities of their choice.

We take every possible step to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and given equal opportunities and support appropriate to their needs.

We ensure that all employment decisions including those on recruitment, selection, promotion, training and career development, are based solely on job-related, objective criteria.

We expect all staff to share this commitment to equality of opportunity and a range of training is provided to support the development of awareness and understanding.

View our Promoting diversity and equality of opportunity in employment policy [96.4 KB] [docx].

You can find out more about our general equality objectives on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion commitment page.

The corporate management team including the Chief Executive and Directors lead each department in planning and delivering services across the County Council.

East Sussex County Council has 10,172 members of staff working 7383 full time equivalent (FTE)

  • Corporate workforce:  5062 members of staff working 4300 full time equivalent (FTE)
  • School workforce: 5110 members of staff working 3083 full time equivilant (FTE)

These numbers reflect workforce data at 31 March 2024.

Chief Executive: Becky Shaw

The Council's main advisor on overall policy and responsible for all the work we carry out.

Read more about the Chief Executive.

Adult Social Care and Health

Adult Social Care and Health has 1679 members of staff equating to 1447 full time equivalent (FTE). 

Director of Adult Social Care and Health - Mark Stainton

  • Public Health: Director of Public Health - Darrell Gale
  • Planning Performance & Engagement: Assistant Director, Planning Performance & Engagement - Sarah Russell
  • Operations: Assistant Director, Operations - Leigh Prudente
  • Strategy, Commissioning & Supply Management: Assistant Director, Strategy & Commissioning - Samantha Williams

Read more about the Director of Adult Social Care and Health.

Children's Services

Children's Services has 1997 members of staff equating to 1705 full time equivalent (FTE). 

Director of Children’s Services - Carolyn Fair

  • Communication, Planning & Performance: Assistant Director, Communication, Planning & Performance - Louise Carter
  • Early Help and Social Care: Assistant Director, Early Help and Social Care - Kathy Marriott
  • Education and ISEND: Assistant Director, Education - Elizabeth Funge

Read more about the Director of Children's Services.

Business Services

Business Services has 593 members of staff equating to 560 full time equivalent (FTE).

Chief Operating Officer - Ros Parker

  • Finance: Chief Finance Officer - Ian Gutsell
  • Human Resources & Organisational Development: Assistant Director - Sarah Mainwaring
  • Property: Assistant Director - Nigel Brown
  • Procurement: Director of Procurement - Darron Cox (Employed by Surrey County Council)
  • IT&D: Chief Digital Information Officer - Matthew Scott

Read more about the Chief Operating Officer.

Communities, Economy and Transport

Communities, Economy and Transport has 677 members of staff equating to 447 full time equivalent (FTE). 

Director of Communities, Economy and Transport - Rupert Clubb

  • Community Services: Assistant Director, Community Services - Nick Skelton
  • Economy Division: Assistant Director, Economy - James Harris
  • Operations and Contract Management Division: Assistant Director, Transport & Operations - Karl Taylor

Read more about the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.

Governance Services

Governance Services has 115 members of staff equating to 107 full time equivalent (FTE). 

Chief Officer - Philip Baker

  • Legal & Coroner Services: Legal & Coroner Services Manager - Rachel Doran
  • Communication: Head of Communications - Warwick Smith
  • Policy & Scrutiny: Head of Policy - Claire Lee
  • Member Services: Member Services Manager - Stuart McKeown
  • Performance, Research & Intelligence: Head of Performance, Research & Intelligence - Victoria Beard

Read more about the Assistant Chief Executive.

Important services and facilities

Moving house