Pay and allowances

Salary scales for employees

The County Council employs people on a range of different terms and conditions, the salaries for which can be found in the scales below:

East Sussex Single Status - for staff up to management level

Local Managerial Grades

East Sussex Chief Officers

Soulbury Officers

Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Youth and Community Workers



Claiming Allowances and Enhancements [97.7 KB] [docx]

Related documents

Pay Policy Statement [92.4 KB] [docx] explains the pay and conditions of service for our different staff groups.

Fair Pay Disclosure (Pay Multiple) [15.1 KB] [docx]shows the ratio between the median average earnings across the organisation and the highest paid employee.

Pay and reward strategy [98.1 KB] [docx]sets out the key approaches to pay and reward for our employees

Our gender pay reports sets out our gender pay position in line with the Equality Act 2010 reporting requirements;

Gender pay gap report 2023/24 [202.0 KB] [doc]

Gender pay gap report 2022/23 [134.1 KB] [docx]

Gender pay gap report 2021/22 [135.9 KB] [docx]

Councillors and senior officers

Senior officer structure

Pay and responsibilities of senior officers [5.2 KB] [csv]

Allowances paid to councillors

Trade Union facilities time

Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, we have a statutory requirement to publish information about trade unions’ facilities time and cost.

Trade union facility time under the Transparency Code [32.2 KB] [docx]

In addition, we are required to publish similar data under The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017.

Trade union facility time under the Regulations [34.0 KB] [docx]