Chief Operating Officer – Ros Parker

The Chief Operating Officer leads the Business Services Department and helps support the Council’s directors to manage our resources effectively, improve performance and drive up standards.

Portrait photo of Ros Parker
Ros Parker

Areas of responsibility include:

  • leadership of the Orbis Partnership delivering business support services for East Sussex and partners
  • overall responsibility for financial management and financial standards across the Council
  • ensuring delivery of payroll and other financial services
  • overseeing the management of the Pensions Fund
  • responsible for reducing the carbon emissions that the Council has direct control over as part of the Council’s ambitions to get to net zero by no later than 2050
  • managing the land and buildings that the Council owns or is responsible for
  • people and culture – overseeing recruitment, development and retention within the Council as well as overall responsibility for advising leaders and managers on a variety of HR issues
  • information technology and digital – overseeing the delivery of the IT&D function and strategy for the entire County Council including responsibility for information governance as the Council’s Senior Information Risk Officer
  • assurance (internal audit) – independent assessments that ensure Council services are efficient and effective and, as far as possible, reduce the risk of fraud
  • risk management and insurance – ensuring that we correctly identify risks, help to reduce the probability of harmful incidents and put contingency plans in place to minimise their effects. Also ensuring that the Council is fully insured for all eventualities
  • managing procurement activities via a category management methodology for all services other than those commissioned by Adult Social Care and Health
  • external funding


Phone: 07522 618418
Email: Ros Parker

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