Using a companion pass

Disabled bus pass holders who need help to travel on buses can apply to have a companion pass. A companion pass is identified by a C+ on the pass and allows another person to travel with the holder, free of charge.

The pass holder may also travel alone.


  • do not need their own bus pass
  • can only travel free of charge when travelling with the companion bus pass holder
  • can be any age, as long as they are able to provide assistance to the companion bus pass holder
  • can travel free of charge with you within the East Sussex County Council boundary.
  • can also travel with you within the West Sussex County Council and Kent County Council boundaries thanks to a joint arrangement.
  • will need to pay for journeys starting within the Brighton & Hove City Council boundary. For example if your companion travels with you from Seaford to Brighton, they would have to pay for the journey back from Brighton to Seaford.
  • will need to pay to travel anywhere else in the country.

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