A guide to Blue Badges


Apply for a blue badge online using the new service

There is a new online service we are testing in your area:

Or apply using the existing service on Gov.uk

1. Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

If you are a driver or a passenger with a permanent and substantial disability that affects your ability to walk you may be eligible for a disabled parking badge (Blue Badge) to help you park closer to where you want to go.

  • Apply for a badge online
  • If you would prefer to fill out a paper application form you can collect one from any Council Office building, library and from Age Concern and STEPS.
  • Renewals: you cannot apply for a renewal of your badge online. A review form will be sent to you approximately 6 weeks before your current badge expires.
  • Blue Badge information line can be reached at 01323 464244. The information line is open on Monday , Wednesday and Friday 9am to 4pm
  • Email the Blue Badge team

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