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Supported housing and care homes

Extra care housing
Housing for older people who need care available on site and wish to live in their own flat.
Sheltered housing
Warden-assisted housing for older people and those with disabilities.
Care homes
Find out when you should consider moving into a care home.
Help with your housing and staying in your home
If you are at risk of losing your home or you need help with housing issues, you may be able to get help from a housing support service.
Temporary accommodation with on-site support
Temporary accommodation for young mothers, women at risk of domestic abuse, young homeless people and people with mental health issues.
Supported housing
Find out about supported housing with round-the-clock care for disabled adults and those who are vulnerable.
Care Choices directory
Search for registered care homes and care providers in the East Sussex area.
Shared Lives and supported accommodation
A paid role in your home, providing accommodation and support for someone who would find it hard to live on their own.