Paying for care

Paying for care at home
Care services are means tested. Find out how we work out what you can afford to pay towards your home care.
Paying for residential care
Everyone who lives in a care home will need to pay something towards the cost. Find out how we assess how much you will pay.
How much care costs
How much different types of care services cost in your area.
Find out if you need to pay
Our financial eligibility checker is a quick way to find out if you are likely to pay towards your care.
Guide to direct payments
Direct payments allow you to organise and buy your care and support directly.
Residential care costs and your home
A deferred payment agreement is a loan for care home costs which is secured against your property.
Changes to care costs from October 2023
The government is changing the rules on how much people will pay for their care. Find out how the new funding limits and cap on care costs will affect you.
Get advice about money
Find out how to arrange independent financial advice.
How to pay our invoices
Find out how to pay our invoices if we arrange your care and support services.
Find out about benefits, contact the welfare benefits helpline or apply for emergency help from Discretionary East Sussex Support Scheme (DESSS).
Capital depletion checker
Find out how long your capital including savings and investments will last before you need to ask us for financial help