East Sussex Mental Health Directory of Community Support

Overview of mental health support in East Sussex

If you suspect you are unwell or someone you know is showing signs of mental ill-health the first thing you should do is visit your GP. Mental health issues are common and treatable. The sooner you seek help, the better.

Mental health issues are not weaknesses, and people shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about them.

In addition to visiting your GP, in East Sussex there are mental health services available that can be accessed without a referral. These services have a common goal:

  • to offer support according to personal choices and levels of need,
  • to develop strategies to enable recovery,
  • to improve and maintain better mental health,
  • and to live life as fully as possible.

All of the provision listed in this directory can support a broad range of mental health needs such as, but not exhaustively:

  • people who have common or moderate mental health needs, where their mental health is adversely impacting on their lives or impeding them to access their typical activities, routines or responsibilities;
  • people who have long term, and enduring mental health conditions; and
  • people in secondary care, who may have used services before, may become unwell and require access to a safe environment to receive support and move towards their personal recovery goals.

This support is commissioned by the ‘East Sussex Joint Mental Health Commissioning Unit’, on behalf of East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and East Sussex County Council Adult Social Care and Health (ASC&H).

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