Applying for support

2. Working out what support you need

If you are over 18, living in East Sussex and need support, get in touch to find out how we might be able to help. You can contact us yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.

Your assessment

When you contact us we will ask you about your needs and any support you are getting already.

This assessment helps us to understand things from your point of view, agree on how best to meet your needs and decide whether you have eligible care and support needs. We will also find out if you qualify for help towards the cost of your support.

We can do this over the phone, by email or we can arrange for someone to visit you.

Finding out more about you

During the assessment, we will ask you about different aspects of your life, and what you would like to achieve. For example you might want to be able to get washed and dressed every morning or to be able to go out more.

We’ll ask about things like:

  • how you look after yourself
  • what’s working well
  • what you would like to change
  • the kinds of support you have now
  • your physical and emotional health.

Your needs assessment will always be as an individual, which means that any support you get from anyone who looks after you won’t affect whether you are eligible or not.

However, once we have worked out that you are eligible for support, and we are looking at how much your support might cost, we will factor in any support you get from friends, family, and other local people or services.

What we can do for you

We will use the information you give us to work out whether we are able to offer you practical support.

The government has set national ‘eligibility criteria’ rules for adults who need care and support and for carers. This means care and support is more consistent across the country. If you have care and support needs which significantly impact on your wellbeing, you may be eligible for support from us.

If you do not have eligible care and support needs, we will give you information and advice, including about other organisations that might be able to help you.

Your financial situation

We will also ask you some basic questions about your income and savings. This will help us calculate how much you might need to pay towards your care and support.

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