Carer's assessments

If you’re looking after an adult who couldn’t manage without your help you have a right to have your own needs assessed. This is called a carer’s assessment. You can download the form here:

Download the form

Please print off and send your completed form to:

Health and Social Care Connect
St Mary’s House
52 St Leonard’s Road
East Sussex
BN21 3UU

If you need help completing this form you can contact Care for the Carers.

Reasons to have a carer's assessment

The carer’s assessment looks at:

  • the care you provide and how this affects your life
  • ways you can access support and what you would like to achieve
  • ways we can help you to understand your strengths and capabilities
  • types of support available to you in the community.

Although it’s your right to have a carer’s assessment you don’t need to have one to get help from other organisations that support carers.

Other ways to get a carer's assessment

You can arrange for us to carry out a carer’s assessment with you. Please get in touch with us.

Alternatively you can use the form below to complete a paper self-assessment in your own time. If you prefer us to carry out an assessment with you, you may still find the form helpful if you wish to prepare in advance.

We will always contact you to discuss your assessment more fully.