Discretionary East Sussex Support Scheme

1. Help with food and utilities

You will need to fit one of the circumstances below:

  • You had to pay a one-off payment unexpectedly which has left you without enough to pay for food and utilities and there is a risk to your household’s health and safety.

    You must provide evidence of what you had to pay and explain why it had to be paid immediately.

    We cannot help if the payment you have had to make is for travel to court or legal appointments, travel to medical appointments, or payment of household bills or debts.

  • You have had money stolen and there is a risk to your household’s health and safety.

    You must provide evidence of the report you have made to the police and proof that the money was taken out of your bank.

    We cannot help if you have lost your money, or where the amount withdrawn does not match the regular pattern of withdrawals from your account.

  • Your benefit payments have been temporarily stopped and this was not caused by your own actions.

    You must provide confirmation of the circumstances from an organisation that is assisting with the situation.

    We cannot help if you can apply for an alternative payment, such as a hardship payment, and appeal rate of benefit or an alternative benefit.

    We cannot help if you have another income, even if this is normally meant for another purpose, such as DLA or PIP.

    We cannot help where your benefits have been stopped because you have not returned a form or medical evidence, you did not attend an appointment (unless this was agreed in advance) or you have failed to comply with the conditions of entitlement of the benefit.

    We cannot usually provide help if your benefit claim has been sanctioned or suspended. You will need to ask the Job Centre about claiming hardship payments or contact the Welfare Reform Helpline on 0333 344 06 81.

  • Your benefits have stopped because you have started work, but there is a delay in receiving your first wage.

    You must provide evidence of the date you started work and when you will receive your first wage payment.

    We cannot help if you can access other money, such as an advance from your employer.

  • You have made a claim for benefit and do not have enough for food and utilities until you get your first payment.

    You must provide evidence of your last income, the date you claimed benefit and when the first payment is expected.

  • You have no recourse to public funds, but have been assessed by Adult Social Care as being eligible for council support, and you do not have the means to obtain food and utilities.

    These applications will be made by the social worker who has dealt with your case.

  • You have been discharged from hospital and cannot access your money immediately.

    These applications will be made by your social worker.

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