Apply due to a medical or physical condition

Does your child have a physical or medical condition that stops them from reasonably walking to school? Or do you have a disability that stops you from taking them? 

If so, we may be able to provide free travel.  

Before you apply, please check you can answer yes to these statements. 

  • my child attends the nearest suitable school  
  • I can supply recent medical evidence—dated within 3 months—from a doctor or consultant and I know they may charge me for this 
  • my child cannot reasonably be expected to walk because of their special educational needs, disability or mobility problem or
  • my condition is long-term and there are no other adults in my household who can take my child to school (primary school only). Help may not be agreed if the distance is very short.

If your child has an EHC plan

We apply a separate process for children who have an EHC plan.

Travel assistance for children and young people with SEND

How long does an application take?

It takes us up to 20 working days to process your application. So please wait this long before checking on its progress. 

Complete the form

Make sure your child attends their nearest suitable school. And check to see if they already qualify for transport before you apply,