Apply due to distance or safety

When we offer your child their school place, we work out if they qualify for free transport and contact you.

You don’t need to apply. 

We’ll contact you to offer free school transport if: 

  • your child is 8 or older and lives more than 3 miles (4,828 metres) away; 
  • your child is under 8 and lives more than 2 miles (3,218 metres) away;or 
  • where your child lives within the statutory distance and the only walking route has been assessed as presenting specific road safety hazards.  

How we work out distance 

We measure distances by the shortest available walking route using our Geographical Information System (GIS), taking account of public footpaths, bridleways and public rights of way up to the statutory distances of 2 and 3 miles. Beyond these, the measurements used are road routes only.  

If you've moved house or think you've been missed

If you think your child qualifies for travel assistance and have not heard from us, you can apply for transport due to distance or route safety.

For children starting or moving school in September, please wait until July before making an application.