Check if you can get travel assistance

Normally, parents are responsible for getting their children to school unless it's further than the statutory distance.

  • 3 miles for children over 8
  • 2 miles for children under 8

Your child must attend their designated or nearest suitable school to qualify.

We may also be able to offer assistance if:

  • they cannot walk in reasonable safety
  • you are on a low income
  • you have a medical reason that stops you from taking them (primary school only)
  • they cannot walk due to their SEND or mobility problem
  • they have SEND and an EHC plan

To apply

Choose from a menu option at the top of the page.

Please check carefully that you qualify as we cannot offer help outside the stated policies.

Does your child go to the nearest suitable or designated school?

Your child must go to the closest school with space that officially serves your area. This is called the designated school.

You will need to arrange and pay for your child's home-to-school transport if:

  • we did not offer a place at your nearest or designated school because you did not name it on your application
  • you decided to send your child to a school further away

What kind of transport will your child get?

To go to and from school, your child will get either: 

  • a ticket for public transport 
  • a seat on a hired vehicle 

We can only offer regular travel to and from your main address, to and from school at the start and end of the school day.

Regardless of the reason, we can’t offer travel at different times or going to different places. This includes trips, exams and breakfast or after-school clubs. 

We will do our best to make sure siblings travel together. 

Mileage allowance if you can arrange your own travel 

If we can’t find suitable public transport or a hired vehicle, we can offer a mileage allowance of 25p per mile. This covers two return journeys a day per family. 

What if your child doesn’t qualify for free transport?

You may be able to buy a vacant seat on a current route or access other discount travel schemes. 

Money saving travel schemes

Buy a vacant seat