What types of travel assistance do we offer?

You could get:

  • a personal travel budget (PTB) to fund your own travel 
  • independent travel training to help your child travel independently 
  • a bus pass for public transport 
  • a shared minibus or taxi 

We offer adapted vehicles for wheelchair users—and passenger assistants where needed. 

Sometimes, we need parents and carers to help take the child or young person to a pick-up point. Also, when supporting nursery aged or over 16s, depending on your circumstances, we may only offer travel for part of the week. 

See if you qualify and apply for travel assistance

How do you arrange travel? 

  • We confirm the time and place we will collect your child 
  • We usually collect from your child’s home to their school 
  • We may ask to pick up or collect from another location 
  • You must support your child getting into and out of the vehicle  
  • If no one collects your child, we’ll take them to a safe place where you can collect them 

If your child isn’t going to school, let the transport company know. We’ll make sure you have their contact details. 

Can you get travel assistance to any school? 

Your child or young person must go to the nearest suitable maintained school to their home.  

That means the closest school that can meet their needs and is named in their EHC plan.  

If you choose a school that’s further away, we may not be able to offer support. 

Can you get travel assistance to residential schools? 

If your child or young person goes to a residential school, and it is named in their EHC plan, you can apply for travel assistance.  

This matches their boarding schedule. Usually weekly or every half term.  

We can’t provide transport on other days. 

Can you get SEND transport without an EHC plan? 

Without an EHC plan, you can’t get our SEND transport offer. But you may still be able to get our mainstream offer. 

Can you get travel assistance for respite? 

If it’s during term time, you can apply for travel assistance to respite care. 

Can you get travel assistance outside of school hours? 

Usually, you’ll only get transport at the beginning and end of the school day. If you share transport, times may be earlier or later.  

We can’t offer transport for emergencies or anything outside travel to and from the school or college. This includes: 

What if your child is late? 

Your child must be ready on time as the vehicle can’t wait more than five minutes. 

What if you need to change the travel arrangements? 

You must make a new application if your child: 

  • moves house 
  • changes school or college