Can I see the information you have about me?

Data protection law allows you to access to your personal data. These requests are referred to as Subject Access Requests.

Making your request

There are several ways you can make a request and there is no fee.

To help us look for your information please give as much detail as possible. We will ask you to be more specific if your request is unclear.

For example, you might know:

  • the dates or time period. This helps us know where to look
  • the departments and teams you dealt with, including the names of staff who worked with you
  • where we hold the information. The Council stores information in several locations, such as County Hall in Lewes, St Mark's House in Eastbourne, and the Archives in Falmer and Hailsham. Please tell us if you know the locations of your documents
  • any reference numbers that might be relevant to you

Sometimes we may decide to refuse a request. For example:

  • if we consider a request to be unfounded, for example, you already have the information
  • you have already asked for it and been told we don’t have it
  • the request is too broad

In this case we will provide an explanation with information about your right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We will advise you of a refusal within one month of receiving your request.

Complex requests

We aim to respond to all requests within one month of receipt; however, complex requests may take a further 2 months. We will let you know within one month if this is the case. Reasons why requests might be considered complex include:

  • the information needs to be gathered from multiple sources
  • separating your information from that of other people will take a long time
  • it is one in a series of requests from the same person

Legally withholding information

If we hold your information we may not be able to give all of it to you. We will explain the reason to you along with any information that we can provide. There are data protection exemptions that prevent the release of certain records, or that require us to remove information. Possible exemptions may be:

  • information about another person, unless they have given their permission
  • advice given by a legal advisor
  • information regarding social care that is likely to impact our duty of care
  • information which has been given in confidence
  • information relating to law enforcement
  • adoption records

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