How are you using my data?

You have the right to know why we have your data and how we are using it. We issue privacy notices to provide you with this information.

The information contained in the privacy notice will vary depending on the reason for collecting or using your personal data but will contain:

  • information about who we are, the reason for using your data and the legal basis for doing so
  • information about other organisations we may share your data with
  • how long we will keep your data
  • what rights you have regarding the data we are processing
  • the type of information we have about you
  • Information about your additional rights in relation to your data
  • the source of the data if we have obtained it from a third party
  • contact details for our Data Protection Officer
  • how to make a complaint
  • where we use IT systems (without human intervention) to make decisions based on your personal data

We will endeavour to provide this information at the time your data is collected and it will normally be on our website, in a leaflet or a poster, but may also be given verbally.

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