Disabled parking bays

Where you can and cannot park using a blue badge

Blue Badge scheme: Where can I park explains where a blue badge can and cannot be used to park. A copy is sent to all badge holders with their blue badge. 

Find out more about parking with a blue badge in our civil parking areas.

Apply for a disabled parking bay

A disabled parking bay is a reserved space on a public road that can only be used by blue badge holders.

We only provide bays where there is a proven hardship caused by being regularly unable to park your vehicle near your property, and not just for convenience.

You can apply online for an on-street disabled parking bay.

If you would like a hard copy of an application form or need any help applying please email the parking team.

Types of disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bay
Disabled parking bay

Disabled parking bays are not reserved for a specific person or vehicle. They can be used by any blue badge holder.

We provide two types of disabled bays, advisory and formal.

  • Advisory bays are not legally enforceable. Most motorists appreciate the purpose of them and leave the bays clear for the people who need them.
  • Formal bays have a Traffic Regulation Order which means they can be enforced. These bays are installed where there are on-street parking restrictions.

Faded disabled parking bay markings

If the disabled parking bay lines have faded, please contact our Highways Team to arrange for them to be renewed. 

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