Full and standard membership

Full membership

You can be a full library member if you live, work or study in East Sussex.

You will need to show proof of your name and address with a document such as a utility bill or driving licence.

Full members can borrow the maximum number of items:

  • Up to 20 books
  • 6 CDs 
  • 6 audio books
  • 6 DVDs

Loan periods

  • Books                               3 weeks 
  • Spoken word CDs        3 weeks  (fee applies)
  • CDs                                    1 week     (fee applies)
  • DVDs                                 1 week     (fee applies)
  • 20 music scores for 3 months (fee applies)
  • 20 play sets for 6 weeks (fee applies)
  • 2 language courses for 6 weeks
  • 2 CD-ROMs
  • 4 toys and games
  • 1 home electricity monitor for 3 weeks

Full members can use the free library computers.

We will send you an email reminder one day before your loans become overdue - or send a reminder by post after 28 days.

Standard membership

You will be asked to provide proof of name, such as a bank card, to join the library as a standard member.

A standard member can borrow up to 4 items.  If you are over 16, one of these items can be an audiobook, DVD or CD.

Standard members can use the free library computers.

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