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This service is for primary and special schools.

With our Teachers’ Membership you will be able to borrow up to 40 books for your class from our special Teachers’ Collection.

When you apply, we will ask you for the name of the school you teach in and a senior member of staff to act as guarantor for any items you borrow.

We will send your Teachers’ card and PIN to your home address. You will need your card number and PIN to reserve the books you choose from our Teachers’ Collection. Your books will be boxed up and sent to your nearest public library for you to collect. All books in the Teachers’ Collection are free to reserve.


Frequently asked questions

  • How long can the books be borrowed for?
    The books can be borrowed for 12 weeks.
  • Why is there a message saying I will be charged when I make this reservation?
    This is an automated message. It does not apply to books reserved from the Teachers’ Collection using a Teachers Card. Please ignore this message.
  • Once I have reserved my books, how long will they take to arrive?
    We will aim to have your books ready for you to collect within 2 weeks of the reservations being placed. You will receive an email telling you when they are ready for collection. If they are not collected within one week of notification they will be returned to our central store.
  • How do I return the books?
    You will need to return the set of books to your local library in their original box at the end of the loan period, or earlier if you have finished with them.
  • Can I use the Teachers’ card to borrow books from my local library?
    No, you can only borrow books from the special Teachers’ Collection. You cannot use the Teachers’ card to borrow books from your local library.
  • What if my books are overdue?
    Your books are free to borrow and there is no charge for overdue books. There will be a charge for damaged or lost items.
  • Where is my local library?
    Find your nearest library

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