Children or parents/carers with medical or physical conditions

We may be able to assist with transport if:

  • Your child can’t walk to school or use public transport because of a medical or physical condition. This applies to all children of statutory school age (age 5–16).
  • You as a parent/carer can’t walk with or drive your children to school or use public transport because of long term health condition or disability. This only applies to primary school children.

To receive help, your child must attend the nearest suitable school. We will consider the distance to school. Where the distance is very short or for a child in their upper junior years, we may not agree assistance.

We will need to see medical evidence from your consultant or doctor that is no older than 3 months from the date you apply. They may have a charge for this and you would need to pay any costs.

If we agree help with transport, we will review your case regularly.
• Download and complete the application form and post it back, or
• contact 0300 3309472 or for advice or to request a paper form

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