Disabled parking bays and dropped kerbs

Disabled parking bay
Disabled parking bay

Who can apply for a disabled parking bay

We only provide bays where there is a proven hardship caused by being regularly unable to park your vehicle adjacent to your property, and not just for convenience. We will not provide a bay if you have a suitable driveway, garage, or other parking space available, or if it would be possible for you to make reasonable adjustments to allow for one of these options.

You must be the holder of a valid blue badge and the vehicle must be kept at your address.


Generally, we only provide advisory bays; this means they are not legally enforceable. However, most motorists appreciate the purpose of them and leave the bays clear for the people who need them.

Disabled bays are not person specific and can be used by any blue badge holder.

Occasionally, particularly within controlled parking zones, a disabled parking bay will have a Traffic Regulation Order displayed on a plate next to the bay. Parking in these bays can be legally enforced by a Civil Enforcement Officer.

How to apply for a disabled parking bay

You can apply for a disabled parking bay using either of our forms below, which you can post or email back to us.

If you receive the mobility component (higher/enhanced rate) of the disability allowance or personal independence payment, you’ll need to send a copy of your entitlement with your application.

Find out more about how we use your information and protect your privacy.

How to renew a disabled parking bay

Please contact our Highways Customer Team to arrange for the renewal of parking bay lines.

Dropped kerb (vehicle crossover)

If there is sufficient space for a vehicle to be parked within your boundary and for a driveway to be installed, you will normally be advised to apply for a dropped kerb rather than a disabled parking bay. This is a lowered section of pavement that allows you to drive smoothly onto your property.

You must pay for the work yourself and it must be carried out by an approved contractor.

More information about dropped kerbs and how to apply can be found on our Dropped kerb and vehicle crossovers page.

Other places Blue Badge holders can park

For details about where you can park if you have a Blue Badge, see the national guidance on Where can I park?

There are no exemptions to these parking rules in East Sussex.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us about disabled parking.

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