Travel and transport

Bus Travel

When you arrive in East Sussex as a guest, you will get 4 weeks’ travel on many local buses.

To get a free travel pass for Brighton & Hove Buses, take your passport and visa to one of their offices:

Get more information about planning your journey by bus, including fares and service changes.

Train Travel

East Sussex has many train routes. There are regular services to Brighton, London, Gatwick Airport, key towns in East Sussex and along the coast.

Train routes

Major services are run by:

Plan a train journey

Visit National Rail to help you plan your train journey, including fares and service changes.

Traveline will help you to plan a journey using rail, bus and coach.

Reduced fares

See train discounts and railcards for how to get reduced fares.

Driving in the UK

If you have a Ukrainian driving licence, you can drive in the UK.

More information about driving in the UK and documentation is on the Government’s website:

You may also bring a Ukrainian vehicle into the UK, but there are rules about registering and taxing it in the UK. The government has guidance for this on their website: