Community organisations

We’re lucky to have a rich network of voluntary and community groups across East Sussex. Many are already providing support for Ukrainian refugees.

Each Voluntary Action organisation can assist guests and hosts by linking you to local support.

The VAs also work alongside the local groups, organisations and councils to ensure guest and hosts are heard. Your concerns help to shape the support available. You can contact them:

There are also many local groups where Ukrainians meet and support each other. These include:

  1. East Sussex branch of the Association of Ukraine in Great Britain (being formed) - Facebook group
  2. East Sussex High Weald Ukraine support network - Facebook group
  3. East Sussex for Ukraine - Facebook group
  4. East Sussex Group for Homes for Ukraine - Facebook group
  5. Sussex Ukrainian support  - Facebook group
  6. Lewes helps Ukraine - Facebook group
  7. Hastings supports refugees - Facebook group
  8. Seaford for Ukraine - Facebook group
  9. The Refugee Buddy Project - X (Formerly Twitter)
  10. Hastings Community of Sanctuary - X (Formerly Twitter)

Hubs and drop-in centres

There are volunteer organisations and help centres you can visit, wherever you are in the county.

Eastbourne, Wealden and Lewes area

  • Eastbourne
  • Hellingly
  • Crowborough
  • Hailsham
  • Uckfield
  • Rotherfield
  • Mayfield & Five Ashes

You can find a list of hubs on the 3VA website.

Hastings area

Ukrainian Sanctuary Café

  • For social meeting, lunch, support for hosts and guests, advice and crafts.

See Hastings Voluntary Action for an extensive list of community hubs.

Rother area

The Rother Voluntary Action website tells you about hubs and who to contact in your area.

There are no permanent hubs in:

But you can see upcoming meetings on the RVA website.