Team East Sussex (TES)

Team East Sussex (TES) is the local federated board for the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP Ltd).

Membership of Team East Sussex is made up of business, local authority, social enterprise and education representatives from across the county. Four of the TES members also hold the position of Company Director of SELEP Ltd.

TES membership

The Team East Sussex Board is currently made up of the following 16 members.

Business Members

  • Ana Christie
  • Christina Ewbank
  • Clive Soper
  • David Sheppard (TES Deputy Chair)
  • Graham Peters (TES Chair)
  • Martin Ellis
  • Penny Shimmin
  • Stewart Drew

Local Authority Members

  • Cllr Bob Standley (Wealden DC)
  • Cllr Christine Bayliss (Rother DC)
  • Cllr David Tutt (Eastbourne BC)
  • Cllr James MacCleary (Lewes DC)
  • Cllr Keith Glazier (East Sussex CC)
  • Cllr Kim Forward (Hastings BC)

Further and Higher Education Members

  • Rebecca Conroy (East Sussex College)
  • Sue Baxter (University of Sussex)

The four Company Directors of SELEP Ltd, representing TES on the SELEP Strategic Board, are Ana Christie, Clive Soper, Graham Peters and Cllr Keith Glazier. Note that Penny Shimmin is also a Company Director of SELEP Ltd, representing the Social Enterprise sector across the whole of the SELEP region (rather than representing TES).

TES meetings

Team East Sussex meets quarterly for TES Board meetings. The group also schedules additional ‘workshops’ throughout the year to discuss specific topics of interest.

The next TES Board meeting is scheduled for 20 June 2022 via video conference.

Meeting papers

Minutes and papers for all TES meetings are published on Minutes and meetings - SELEP website.

Minutes are also available on request from the County Council's Economic Development department.

TES terms of reference

The most recent published version of the TES terms of reference was updated in June 2018 following a refresh of the SELEP Assurance Framework. See the terms of reference on Teams East Sussex - SELEP website.

TES conflicts of interests

To ensure compliance with the SELEP Conflicts of Interest Policy, each member of the TES Board is required to complete a Declaration of Interest form. See copies of the declarations on Teams East Sussex - SELEP website.

East Sussex Economy Recovery Plan

Developed by Team East Sussex and published in September 2020 in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the East Sussex Economy Recovery Plan aims to build sustainable prosperity for our businesses, voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors, and support residents to access new opportunities that drive economic recovery and resilience.

Additional TES documents

SELEP has a number of policies that TES adheres to, such as:

  • Code of conduct for LEP board members
  • Confidential reporting of complaints policy
  • Register of interests policy
  • Subsistence and hospitality policy
  • Whistleblowing policy

All of the above are available to view at Our policies - SELEP website.


The Economic Development team at East Sussex County Council acts as secretariat to Team East Sussex.