The role of Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Team carries out independent appraisals of the County Council’s systems under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer. Under law we must review the accounting, financial and other operations of the County Council and report upon the effectiveness of our systems and internal controls to:

  • safeguard the Council’s assets
  • ensure that our records are reliable
  • promote the effective and efficient use of Council resources
  • ensure that Council policies are being followed

How do we achieve this?

For information on how we achieve our goals, please see our page on what do we audit.


Internal Audit is committed to the principles of the County Council’s Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy and will respond to your concerns about any matter related to the County Council’s activities or services fairly and independently.

For details on how to report any concerns see our page on telling us about fraud or corruption.

External Audit

To find out how we differ from External Audit please see our page on the role of the external auditors.

Contact us

If you wish to speak directly with someone you can call the Internal Audit team on 01273 481447.