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Whistleblowing, fraud and corruption – strategy and policy documents

Anti fraud and corruption strategy

We are committed to protecting public money. This means preventing fraud or corruption so that public money is used to provide quality services to the community. People are entitled to expect the County Council to work with integrity, honesty and openness.

The strategy below sets out the County Council’s strategy for preventing, detecting, deterring and investigating fraud, corruption and other wrong doing.

Money laundering

The County Council has a legal obligation to prevent criminal activity through the use of money laundering.

The below policy provides clear procedures that must be followed to enable the County Council to comply with its legal obligations, as well as providing contact details for the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Whistleblowing – our confidential reporting policy

This policy applies to all employees and contractors and their staff working for the County Council including agency staff, builders and drivers, providers of works, services and supplies. Also includes the County Council’s external contractors and those providing services under a contract with the County Council in their own premises.

The document includes details about what sort of concerns should be reported, anonymous reporting, the procedures for making a report, and what we will do after we receive it.

How to report your suspicions

If you know of a fraud or something else seriously wrong within the Council, please let us know:

How to tell us about fraud or corruption


Whistleblowing Policy [266.7 KB] [pdf]

This policy provides a clear framework which is intended to give people the confidence to raise workplace concerns without fear of reprisal or victimisation.

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy [329.9 KB] [pdf]

Anti-Money Laundering Policy [155.9 KB] [pdf]