Internal and external audit

Internal Audit is an in-house team that supports the County Council to:

  • promote effective governance
  • achieve value for money
  • reduces risks to the public purse
  • fight fraud

The role of Internal Audit

The Internal Audit team carries out independent appraisals of the County Council’s systems under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer. Under law we must review the accounting, financial and other operations of the County Council and report upon the effectiveness of our systems and internal controls to:

  • safeguard the Council’s assets
  • ensure that our records are reliable
  • promote the effective and efficient use of Council resources
  • ensure that Council policies are being followed

Internal Audit services

As well as having extensive experience of auditing County Council departments and establishments, we also have extensive experience in providing internal audit support to non-maintained schools and colleges and other public bodies.

Our scope covers all East Sussex County Council operations and departments. This includes County Hall and other offices as well as schools, colleges and social care establishments.

We review our main accounting system, the way we spend the County Council’s money, our income procedures and the way we look after our assets. Our remit and responsibility is set out in the Internal Audit Charter.  [598.7 KB] [pdf]

To achieve this, we have the right of access to any County Council records and assets. This right is set out in the County Council’s Financial Regulations.

Further details

The Internal Audit team also has a responsibility for fighting fraud.