External Audit

External Audit is an annual independent examination designed to form an opinion on the state of the County Council’s financial management and its published annual accounts.

The external auditors provide assurance to residents and councillors that the County Council’s finances are soundly managed and the annual accounts present a true and fair view of the County Council’s income and expenditure assets.

All local authorities are legally obliged to submit their accounts for audit every year.

Our external auditors

Our external audit is carried out by Grant Thornton.

Access to the public

The public have a right to inspect, question and challenge the County Council’s accounts.

For further information on how you can do this, see the Public Sector Audit Appointments website or contact our external auditor.

Contact details

External Audit Engagement Lead
Philip Johnstone
KPMG Director
15 Canada Square
London E14 5GL

Email: philip.johnstone@kpmg.co.uk
Phone: 0207 311 2091

Further information

Information on our external auditors