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Help with your housing and staying in your own home

There are services to help you if you are:

  • at risk of losing your home due to domestic abuse, relationship breakdown, money or health issues
  • already homeless or living in temporary accommodation, such as a bed and breakfast or hostel
  • living in poor quality or unsuitable accommodation

This includes help to manage your housing issues – from debts and benefits, repairs, landlords and neighbours – to getting support to manage your mental health or substance misuse.

Don’t put it off – it is never too soon to ask for help.

The East Sussex Floating Support Service is a free and confidential housing support service.

For people aged 16-59, you will need to be referred by a professional. 

For people aged 60+ you can self-refer.

The service offers short-term advice and support to help you:

  • look into more suitable accommodation
  • deal with tenancy, rent and mortgage worries
  • keep warm and reduce energy bills
  • ensure your home is safe
  • manage household bills and housing related debts
  • obtain daily living equipment

How to contact the East Sussex Floating Support Service

Referral enquiries e-mail: esfssreferrals@bht.org.uk

General enquiries telephone number: 01273 929394

To find out more, visit: East Sussex Floating Support Service

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