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Bus travel discounts for young people and students

All information checked March 2024, prices are subject to change. 

How do I work out which bus fare scheme is best for me?

The different bus companies in East Sussex each run different discounted fares for young people. The best choice for you will depend on:

  • your age
  • where you are going
  • which buses you need to use,
  • and how often you travel. 

To find out more information on routes and bus companies, go to Public transport routes and timetables.

The Freedom Ticket and proof of age for under 19s

The Freedom Ticket offers unlimited travel on nearly every bus* in East Sussex for seven days in a row, including weekends. The Freedom ticket is £15.00 per week (valid as of 1 April 2023) and is issued on the bus as a paper ticket only.

If you need proof of age, under 19s can apply for a 3i-D card or download the East Sussex Age Verification App.  These give you proof of age so you can purchase the Freedom ticket. You should show proof where your age may be questioned by a driver.

*Please contact the bus operator before travelling to ensure they issue and accept the Freedom Ticket.

To find out more about other discounts and applying for proof of age visit the 3i-D card webpage or download the East Sussex Age Verification App.

Child half fares on all bus services for under 16s

All children (aged under 16) pay half the adult fare on one-way and return journeys. It is recommended that you have ID so visit the 3i-D card web page for more information. You can also download the East Sussex Age Verification App.

Brighton & Hove Bus fares

Stagecoach offers 

Dayrider tickets

With suitable ID, like the 3i-D card or the East Sussex Age Verification App, you can travel on all Stagecoach buses in East Sussex and Kent with a South East dayrider U19 for just £6.50.

There are also U19 dayrider reduced fares in your local travel area. 

Find out more about local Dayrider U19 and the app.

Studentrider season tickets

Travelling for the whole school year on Stagecoach buses? A Stagecoach studentrider ticket might be better for you. The studentrider ticket is available to students in school, college or university, regardless of age with a valid ID (this can be a 3i-D and the East Sussex Age Verification App).

The studentriders are valid from September to July each academic year. To find out prices for your area visit the Stagecoach student bus travel pages.

More information from Stagecoach.


Please see Compass' website for their student ticket offers. 

Fare deals for under 19s