Customers can apply using the Age Verification App which is available on the Apple store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

Download the ‘East Sussex Age Verification’ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using the links or QR codes below.

It is recommended that you have documents you will need before you start. This will allow you to complete the application quickly in one session.  You will need

  • Proof of age and photo ID. This can be passport, birth certificate, PASS ID or driving license to show both, or two separate documents. 
  • A suitable photo for use as your ID photo

Enter your personal details to begin your application. You must complete the fields marked in bold with a *


Enter any contact details you may wish to include.

Enter your email address, this will be used as your login. You must create a password. This will allow you to login to the app on the mobile phone.

Consent and proceed with the application.

The next page will confirm

your login has been created

and will provide your citizen

reference number. You can

proceed with the application.


Enter your address using the postcode lookup.

Select the correct address from the

list provided to continue the application.

You will be prompted

to select the age

category under which

you are applying from

the list of services.


You will be prompted to upload a photograph,

this can be done using the live capture feature

if you have a camera, or by browsing to and

uploading an existing file.

The system will prompt you to crop the photograph

to the correct dimensions and it will then be stored

against the record. Click the Confirm Image button

after cropping to proceed to the next stage. If you

do not yet have a photograph, you can leave the

application at this point and return to it later.


Depending on the card type

chosen, you will be prompted

to record details of the

evidence of your entitlement.

You can upload a file

or capture an image

using the camera.


When the proof has been

correctly entered, the box

will turn green. Click

proceed to continue.

If a proof document is uploaded

that contains a date of birth, but

which does not have a photograph

on it you will be prompted to

upload a document that contains

a photograph as proof of identity.


The application is now

complete, you will be

provided with a preview

of your ID. The application,

alongside the associated

proof documents will then

be checked by back office


You can download your

pass immediately in the

interim by clicking the

“Login Now” button and

logging in using the

credentials you provided.


Once logged in

to the app, the

pass will appear

as shown on

the left.

Tap on the pass to view

the ID.

If challenged, you can

show that the app is

live by dragging down

on the screen to refresh

the date/time displayed

at the bottom.


If your application is

refused, or once you

are no longer entitled

to the pass, you will

see the image on

the left.

If you are required to

upload any more

documents as proof,

you will be invited

to log back in to

the portal at

The screen on the

right will be displayed

when you log back in.