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Journey information, maps and real time bus times

Traveline journey information


The best way to check bus journey information for the whole of East Sussex is to: 

  • Use Traveline.info. You can also journey plan for the whole of the UK.
  • Call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 between 7am and 10pm 7 days a week (except Christmas Day). Calls charges will apply. The call centre only have access to the same information as the website.

Interactive map


Our interactive Bus Map has information on services in East Sussex.  The map provides the following information:

  • Bus service timetables - zoom in until you see bus stops then click on the stop and choose the bus service you wish to see the timetable for.
  • Bus stop timetables - zoom in until you see bus stops, then click on the stop, click on the icon at the top of the box to get the timetable for that specific stop - showing times that services serve the stop.
  • Next bus service departures - zoom in until you see bus stops, then click on the stop you wish to see the next bus departures.  The pop up box shows the next bus departures from that stop.  Bus services displayed in minutes due are shown in 'real-time' and those in the 24 hour clock format are scheduled departures.

Using the layer icon (the 'hamburger' menu on the right of the map) turn on/off to see or hide:

  • Bus stops
  • Places of interest
  • Bus Service Improvement Plan updates 

We’re sorry that this map is not accessible to people who use screen reading software. For accessible journey information, please use Traveline.info.

East Sussex bus operators

For the best current timetables see the bus operating companies that serve in your area.

If you aren’t sure which bus operator serves your area please use Traveline.info to check.

Real time stop information

Access to live bus times is available through Traveline.info.  You can also text the SMS code for your stop to 84268.

Don't forget that there are service changes at Christmas time, Easter and Bank Holidays.  Check bus operator websites for planned changes and updates. 

For more detail about real-time in East Sussex please see the real time information page.

Change to services

For details about service updates, see changes to bus services.

Check the Improvements to Bus Services link at the top of this page to see which buses have new daytime, evening and weekend services. 

Bad weather updates

For the most up to date information about bad weather see:

You can also check with the bus operating companies that serve your area.