Your rights

Depending on the legal basis for processing your information you may have the following rights:

  • A right to a copy of data held about you, an explanation for its processing and who it has been shared with – this right applies to data processed under any lawful basis.
  • A right to rectification (correction) of data which is demonstrably wrong – this right applies to data processed under any legal basis.
  • A right to restrict processing – this right applies if it has been shown that there is no legal basis for processing your data, but you wish it to be retained for your own purposes.
  • A right to object to processing – this right does not apply where the Council is under a legal duty to process your data but can be used where you dispute that there is a legal basis to process your data. In this circumstance, the Council is required to weigh its lawful basis for processing your data against your objection and provide you with a response.
  • A right to erasure – this applies where there is no longer a legal basis to retain your data.
  • A right to portability of your data (having it moved to another organisation) – this right applies only where the legal basis was either consent or performance of a contract, but data will usually be transferred to another local authority if a data subject moves to a new location.

Please visit data subject rights for further details.

Or you can contact:

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