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Privacy notice - Adult Social Care: your information and you

As a local authority, by law we must provide or arrange social care support for those most in need in the community. If you ask us for support, we must:

  • assess your needs (and the needs of your carer if they ask us),
  • support you with your health and wellbeing and
  • work out whether you qualify for financial help from us for your support.

To do this, we must hold records about you and your personal circumstances, and about the support you receive or may need in the future. We guarantee to use your personal data only in ways that respect your rights and promote your health and wellbeing. For example, we use information about you to:

  • agree with you what support you need,
  • make sure your support is safe and effective,
  • work with others who are involved with your support,
  • investigate any concerns or complaints you may have.

Your information and feedback also help us plan our services, investigate complaints, legal claims and incidents of concern as well as part of internal or external audit where we are required to or where it would help improve the services we offer.  Our services may be directly provided by us, by one of our partners such as NHS or in partnership with another agency such as private care home providers.