What information is being used?

The information we hold about you will depend on the level of service we provide you. In all cases we will hold your name, address and date of birth, gender, and ethnicity.

In relation to specific service provision, we will hold your NHS number and may also hold information relating to contact details, assessments, reviews, care plans and service provision information.

We may also hold information received from other organisations including reports from doctors and other healthcare professionals which help to assess how best to provide your care and support.

Use of your NHS number in social care

To make sure we can work with health services to deliver your care;,we obtain your NHS number from the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

You have a right to request that we remove your NHS number from your record. If you opt out of the use of your NHS number for social care purposes, it will not stop you receiving care but will make it harder for the NHS and the Council to work together. If you have any concerns about the use of your NHS number, please contact the person dealing with your case and they can discuss your options with you.