Choose East Sussex transcripts


Our staff have been telling us about their roles at East Sussex County Council and why they Choose East Sussex.

These are the transcripts of their stories.

Anna, Team Leader

Hi, my name's Anna. I'm the Team Leader in the Client Liaison Team and I work in business administration.

My role within the wider Business Services community is to lead the team who deal with, and are the main contact point with, the academies that buy our payroll service. Current work I'm most proud of would be my and my team's contribution to the Homes for Ukraine project via our DBS processing.

Working in Business Services is very deadline based, so it's enjoyable to be part of a team that provides payroll in a timely manner.

My favourite thing about working for East Sussex County Council is the diversity of our customers and stakeholders.

Georgia, Assistant HR Consultant

My name is Georgia and I'm an Assistant HR Consultant working in the HR Advisory team.

I started off as a HR apprentice in Pay and Reward where I was supporting with, kind of, recruitment and reward, employment policies, conducting job evaluation, providing advice on IR35. There's just a lot of different things.

And now I'm working in the HR Advisory team, although it's still HR.

The things I find most rewarding about my job, and especially in HR, is it gives you the ability to kind of make a difference in the organisation you work for, especially in local government.

My advice would be just don't put it off because you're not entirely sure what HR is or even what they do. I went as an apprentice with little knowledge of what HR does, but I'm still here nearly three years later. They teach you everything you need to learn and give you the tools to put your knowledge into practice.

Issie, Subject Matter Expert (HR) - MBOS Programme

My name's Issie and I'm currently working on the MBOS programme.

The MBOS programme is essentially to replace our current HR and payroll system and update it, and I am essentially the voice for HR in that programme. MBOS stands for Modernising Back Office Systems.

I can't fault any of the managers within the HR department. They're all fantastic and they're incredibly supportive. All of my managers have signposted me towards upcoming opportunities.

The Council in my experience has been a brilliant place to work.

Kathryn, HR Manager

Hello, I'm Kathryn. I'm an HR manager in the HROD team.

The HR Advisory team supports managers and headteachers to create and maintain a positive working relationship between the Council and its workforce.

I'm really proud to be part of an HR team that works with managers to try and find a solution to issues when required, but also strives to make East Sussex a supportive environment to work in.

For me personally, the most rewarding part is feeling that I've helped or made a difference with advice, answering a question, or perhaps some support that I've given.

East Sussex is a wonderful place to live, a great place to work, and I've certainly managed to progress my career here. I would say if you're hesitating… you know, don't hesitate, just come along and see what we're all about and you can definitely forge a good career here.