Apply for travel assistance


To make an application to East Sussex County Council, the adult learner must live in East Sussex. If they live outside of East Sussex, you will need to make an application to the local authority in which they live.

To find a different local authority, please visit GOV.UK

Details of adult learner

Please give the site name where the college has more than one site.
Please give details, including if this relates to a proposed career.

Parent or carer or advocate information

We will use this email to contact you. Please make sure you have entered the correct email.

Details of the adult completing the form

Professionals working with this child

Please give details of professionals working with this adult learner (if they are not named above), such as Assessment and Planning Officer (APO), Personal Advisor (Transitions) or social worker.

Family circumstances

We expect parents/carers to prioritise their child’s transport over other commitments.

When making a decision, we will consider the ability of the parent, carer and broader network to provide transport support, such as accompanying the learner on some journeys or transporting the learner on certain days. 

Please give details for each parent/carer in the family and broader network.

Adult 1 details

State the location they usually work at, or whether they work from home.
Provide details of any flexibility in working hours

Provide any other information about their availability to provide support

Further information

You can upload documents that support your application.

Needs relating to travel

A further risk assessment of this adult learner’s needs will be undertaken if they are determined eligible for travel assistance

For example: if you feel an escort is needed with reasons why, or any specific information operators may need to know when transporting the adult learner.

Start date

It can take about three weeks for it to be set up. Put today's date if you need transport to start as soon as possible.

When is transport needed?

If travel assistance is provided, this will usually only be at normal college start and end times.

Further details


I understand that this form will share my information with the East Sussex County Council transport team. They are responsible for authorising and arranging SEND travel assistance. I understand that they may share my information with approved transport operators as appropriate.

You can read how we will process your data in our school admissions and transport privacy notice

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information in this form is correct.

If you have enquiries, please call 01273 335 530 or email