Apply for travel assistance for students aged 16-19 with SEND and EHC plan

If you’re over 16 and in year 12,13 or 14, you aren’t guaranteed transport assistance. If you can get assistance, your parents or carers must help with the costs. 

To be considered for travel assistance you must: 

  • be unable to get to school or college because of your SEND 
  • have an education, care and health (EHC) plan 
  • go to the  school or college named in your EHC plan 

You’ll also need to be on a full-time course. 

How do we decide who gets free transport? 

We look at every application on a case-by-case basis. We look at: 

  • Your circumstances 
  • Your family’s circumstances 
  • Your wider support network 

See our travel assistance policies

How much will parents or carers have to pay? 

If you get travel assistance, we will ask your parents or carers to help with the costs. 

Currently, it costs: 

  • £570 a year 
  • if your family has a low income, we reduce this to £285 
  • we take payment in 10 monthly instalments 

Before you apply, check what support we can provide: