Apply for travel assistance (5-16)


Please tell us your new address. You can give details of the start date for the new address in the section below.

Details of child

Start typing to pick a school in East Sussex, or enter the name of any other school.

Parent or carer information

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Details of the adult completing the application

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Professionals working with this child

Needs relating to travel

For example: if you feel an escort is needed with reasons why, or any specific information operators may need to know when transporting the student.

Start date

It can take about three weeks for it to be set up. Put today's date if you need transport to start as soon as possible.

When is transport needed?

If they are boarding at school, state the frequency of travel to school and specify times in the next question.

If this has been discussed with a professional working with the child, provide their details.

Further details

You can upload documents that support your application.