Permanent exclusion from school

  1. Permanent exclusion
  2. Independent Review Panel

2. The Governing Body meeting

The governors must meet to consider any exclusion that triggers a compulsory review. They must do so within 15 school days of the imposition of the exclusion. This is according to Regulation 24 of the Exclusion Regulations.

The following exclusions should trigger a compulsory review:

  • All permanent exclusions;
  • Any suspension that takes the total number of school days that the student has been excluded to more than 15 in any one term;
  • An exclusion that would result in a young person missing a national examination or test.

You will be invited to attend this and can be supported by a friend or advocate. You can send written information for the governing board to consider before the meeting. The school should explain how to do this. You can also request that the meeting is held remotely.

As a parent, you will have the chance to explain why you think your child should not have been suspended or permanently excluded and why they should be reinstated. You may also be asked questions.

Advice and support